Milling News

How Has Post-Canadian Wheat Board Marketing Impacted Farmers  8/11   8/11

Italgrani USA in Process of $37 Million Expansion Project on St. Louis, MO Riverfront  8/11   8/11

Dow AgroSciences and Arcadia Biosciences Collaborate to Develop and Commercialize New Wheat Quality Trait  8/10   8/10

Japan Ministry of Agriculture Seeks to Purchase 147,380 Tons of Food Quality Wheat From U.S. Via Tender  8/09   8/09

Keystone Agricultural Producers Want U.S. Farmers Held Accountable For Misrepresented Grain Delivered to Canada  8/09   8/09

Kazakhstan Increased Flour Exports to China in June 2017  8/08   8/08

Australian Wheat Exports to Asia Continue to Surge Amid New Demand For Wheat and Flour  8/08   8/08

National Australia Bank Decreases Wheat Harvest Estimate Despite Rainfall  8/08   8/08

Paraguay High-Protein Wheat Crops Damaged By Poor Weather Conditions  8/07   8/07

Canadian Farmers Still Concerned Five Years Following End of Canadian Wheat Board  8/07   8/07

Iraq Purchases 50,000 Tons of Wheat From Australia Via International Tender  8/07   8/07

CME Group Announces First Trades of Australian Wheat FOB (Platts) Futures Contract  8/07   8/07

K-State University Researchers Receive Grant to Begin Studying Impact of High Night-Time Temperatures on Yield and Quality of Wheat  8/03   8/03

Kansas Wheat Releases Resources to Best Control Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus  8/03   8/03

Japan Ministry of Agriculture Purchases 132,925 Tons of Wheat Via Tender From U.S.  8/03   8/03

Northern U.S. States See Deterioration of Spring Wheat Conditions  8/03   8/03

Colorado State University to Hold Wheat Planting Decision Meetings to Discuss 2017 Harvest Results  8/03   8/03

Some ND Farmers Begin Baling Wheat For Feed Following Drought and Poor Crop Quality  8/03   8/03

Ukraine Continues Expanding Milling Wheat and Flour Export Markets  8/02   8/02

2017 Michigan State Wheat Performance Trials Results Now Available  8/02   8/02

U.S. Wheat Associates Welcomes Korean Wheat Crop Survey Trade Team to U.S. to Inform Purchasing Decisions  7/28   7/28

Iran Agriculture Minister Invites World's Largest Grain Suppliers to Consider Durum Wheat Exports From Country  7/26   7/26

Egypt State Grain Buyer Purchases 420,000 Tons of Wheat Via Tender  7/26   7/26

Wheat Quality Council Tour of ND Fields Show Crop Prospects Below Average; Not as Bad as Feared  7/26   7/26

U.S. Wheat Industry Groups Commend Trump Administration For Nominating Ted McKinney For USDA Undersecretary For Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs  7/25   7/25